Yes, as a fiduciary it is our duty to always act in the client’s best interest.

Please CLICK HERE for a detailed explanation of our wealth management, financial planning, and consulting fees.

Yes, we do have the ability to help our clients implement insurance recommendations such as life, long term disability, and long term care.  We have a wide selection of companies available to us so that we can select the best policy and value for each client.  That being said, our clients are welcome to use their own insurance professional as well.

Our wealth management clients typically fall into one of two categories: Pre-Retirees/Retirees & High Earning Professionals.  Both of these demographics have a unique set of goals and service needs so we have established separate planning and investment processes for each.

We specialize in Retirement Income Strategies, Social Security Filing Options, and Long Term Care Planning.

Yes, we currently have clients in over 10 different states.   To ensure that our experience for remote clients is as valuable as for local clients, we use:

  • Zoom for virtual meetings
  • A cloud based financial planning software that provides clients with their own unique portal to view their planning progress, share documents through a secure client vault, and interact with their advisor.

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